Wooden Privacy Fence

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Our Service:

All Season Fence & Stain constructs wooden privacy fences, both board on board or side by side, on galvanized metal posts providing your family with the security and privacy you desire while complementing your home and landscape. If you are looking for a more economical fence, we can also build your fence on pressure treated 4x4's and have a varity of pickets to choose from.

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Benefits of a Privacy Fence:

- Privacy

- Security

- Noise Reduction

- Wind Barrier

- Low Maintenance

- Longevity

- Increased Property Value

- Customizable

Privacy Fencing Materials

Galvanized Posts


We recommend using galvanized metal posts because you will never have to worry about rotting. Unlike other fence companies, All Season Fence & Stain uses 9' instead of 8' posts to ensure your fence stays straight, longer.

Pressure Treated 4x4's


Pressure treated 4x4's are a great option to use of you are looking to save some a little money on your next fence. They are very sturdy, but are susceptible to rotting due to there constant contact with the ground.

Pressure Treated Pine 2x4's


Pressure treated pine 2x4's are our prefered wood for the runners on the fence.  We recommend these 2x4's because water typically pools on the runners and the treated wood is less susceptible to rotting.  We also offer cedar 2X4's at the customers request.

Cedar Pickets

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Cedar Pickets are the best option if you are looking for your fence to last a long time. Cedar pickets have a natural insect repellent and are less susceptible to termites and spiders. They are also the most aesthetically pleasing pickets as well.

Treated Pine Pickets

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Treated Pine Pickets are a great wood to use if you are looking to save some extra money on your next fence. One major draw back to this picket is its susceptibility to warping over time.

Spruce Pickets

Wood fence privacy fence

Spruce Pickets, just like the pine pickets, are a great wood to use and the most economical. One major draw back to this picket is its susceptibility  to warping over time and they will not last as long as bcdar or treated pine.